Zebra Jungle

Morelia spilota cheynei


The "Zebra" Carpet Python is the first proven genetic mutation of the popular Jungle Carpet python, Morelia spilota cheynei. As you can see in the photos the pattern is very different from a normal cheynei whilst retaining the black and yellow colouration that makes this subspecies so popular.


I acquired a unique specimen, the original Zebra, without knowing if the appearance was inheritable or not. The previous owner hadn't had any success with the snake. The following year, in 2003, I bred him to a normal, unrelated Jungle Carpet female. To my complete surprise 2 Zebra babies hatched from the 6 good eggs in the clutch. In 2005 I bred one of the babies to another unrelated Jungle Carpet female and again hatched some Zebras.

In 2007 I bred a pair of Zebras together for the first time and was happy to see that the young female had laid 11 good eggs. Unfortunately 3 eggs failed to hatch and the remaining 8 eggs yielded 4 normal Jungles and 4 Zebras, no "Super Zebra" this time. In 2008 I again bred a pair of Zebras together and from the clutch of 10 eggs I hatched 3 Zebras, 4 normal Jungles and 2 Super Zebras!

Please go to the Super Zebra page to view photos and read more about this beautiful carpet python.