Zebra Granite

Morelia spilota ssp.


The "Zebra-Granite" Carpet Python is the combination of the co-dominant Zebra morph with the recessive Granite mutation. This combination was first produced here at UK Pythons in 2010. As you can see it is the perfect blend of both the Zebra and Granite and is easily distinguished from either morph.


In 2006 I bred an '03 male Zebra Jungle Carpet to a Granite Irian Jaya female. The small clutch yielded 1 Zebra het. Granite female along with some het. Granites. In 2007 the same pairing produced a pair of Zebra het. Granites.

In 2010 I bred a pair of Zebra het. Granites together and was lucky enough to hatch a Zebra Granite amongst the babies.