Savu Island Python

Liasis savuensis


The Savu Island Python is restricted to the island of Savu, a small island about 100 km west of Timor and around 400 km north west of Western Australia.

Savu Pythons are relatively small, reaching around 4 feet in length. Adult colouration is dark brown with black speckling and white eyes. Hatchlings are orange.


The Savu Island Python was first imported into the USA in 1993 and I was fortunate to see the first specimens during a trip to the US the same year. Later they became available in small numbers to the European market.

I recently obtained a small group from Crystal Palace Reptiles. They were bred by Mark Bell from the USA and my group includes a pair of the "Silver Savus" as well as some normal specimens. According to Mark, the Silver form is a simple recessive trait.