Rough-scaled python

Morelia carinata


The rough-scaled python is one of the rarest pythons in the wild and has possibly the smallest range of any known python species. It is found only in the northwestern Kimberley region of Western Australia around Mitchell river and Prince Frederick Harbour and on Bigge Island. A relatively small python with a slender build, the head is broad and distinct from the neck. It also has a prehensile tail but is unique among pythons because of it's keeled scales.


I consider myself extremely fortunate to own a young adult pair of this rare and unique python species. Due to the captive breeding efforts of John Weigel, who collected this species from the wild under permit, M. carinata is now commonly held in captivity in Australia. There have also been several pairs legally exported from Australia and we have been able to produce European captive bred specimens at UK Pythons.