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25 Jun 2020


Here is our full stock list, if there is something that you are interested in that is not listed here then please ask us. We have a lot of exciting projects this season and as always the biggest selection of Australian Pythons in Europe!
All of the snakes listed here are bred by UKPythons, we do not buy and resell snakes like some other businesses as we cannot guarantee the provenance and quality of animals that we have not kept and bred ourselves.

Delivery within the UK can be arranged by us using a dedicated reptile courier service at customer's cost, although we offer free delivery in England and Wales on orders over £500. Overseas customers including mainland Europe should contact us regarding shipping. Free delivery to all Hamm and Houten expos.

Pair prices are available on some stock, as are quantity discounts for trade, please ask for details.

We offer the best quality pythons at competitive prices, please allow us the opportunity to put together a package price for you on larger orders.



ル maniac-yokosuka@maniac.jp.net

URL: http://www.maniac.jp.net/ へご連絡ください。

(Uk Pythonsが日本に輸出した個体はManiacによる証明書の発行が可能です)



  Male Female
Cape York (A. maculosa) - 2019   250
Granite Spotted (A. maculosa) - 2019   300
Spotted  (Antaresia maculosa) - 2019 100  
Wheatbelt locality Stimson's ( Antaresia stimsoni stimson) - 2019 3000 1.1 pair
2020 Antaresia are due to hatch in the coming weeks!    

Bredl's (Centralian) Pythons

  Male Female
Hypo 1000 1000
Hypo Het Stonewashed 1400 1400
Hypo Poss Het Stonewashed 1200 1200
Hypo Het Stonewashed - One Hypo parent, making them 50% Hypo blood 1100 1100
Hypo Stonewashed - One Hypo parent, making them 50% Hypo blood 1800 1800
Stonewashed 1000 1000
Stonewashed Het Stripe 1300 1300

Carpet Pythons 2019



Albino Zebra    
Axanthic Het Granite    
Axanthic Tiger (A grade) 66% Poss Het Granite    
Axanthic Tiger (B grade)  66% Poss Het Granite    
Axanthic Tiger Jaguar Het Granite    
Cape York - Pure Locality, sold in pairs only    
Caramel Axanthic    
Caramel Axanthic Het Granite    
Caramel Axanthic Tiger (B grade) Het Granite    
Caramel Double Poss Het Granite    
Caramel Tiger (A grade) Double Poss Het Axanthic Granite    
Caramel Tiger (A grade) Het Axanthic 66% Poss Het Granite    
Caramel Tiger (B grade) Double Het Axanthic Granite    
Caramel Tiger Triple Het Albino Axanthic Granite    
Caramel Zebra Double Het Albino Granite    
Hypo - Pure Coastal    
Hypo Het Albino    
Hypo Het Axanthic    
Hypo Tiger (A grade) - Pure Coastal    
Hypo Tiger (B grade) - Pure Coastal    
Hypo Zebra Het Albino    
Julatten - Locality Pure Julatten Jungle    
Palmerston Jungle - Pure, sold in pairs only    
SUNGLOW Zebra - Genuine Sunglow (Hypo Albino)    
Tiger Het Albino    

Adult and Proven Breeder Carpet Pythons

We are selling some of our breeding stock to make way for new projects, this is a good opportunity to purchase some proven breeders!

Available to European and UK customers only. Contact us for more details.

  Male Female
Black and White Jungle proven breeder female - Hatched 2008    
Caramel Albino Zebra Jaguar male - Hatched 2015    
Caramel het albino male - Hatched 2013    
Caramel Tiger proven breeder male - Hatched 2013    
Caramel Tiger Jaguar proven breeder female - Pure Coastal Hatched 2011    
Caramel Tiger Jaguar - Pure Coastal hatched 2014    
Caramel Tiger Jaguar proven breeder - Hatched 2014    
Caramel Tiger Zebra Jaguar - Hatched 2015    
Caramel Zebra Jaguar proven breeder male and female - Hatched 2013    
Hypo Caramel Jaguar proven breeder male - Pure Coastal hatched 2015    
Tiger het axanthic ph granite proven breeder male - Hatched 2015    
Tiger proven breeder male - Pure Coastal hatched 2013    
Tiger Zebra proven breeder female - Hatched 2013    
Super Caramel Zebra Jaguar proven breeder male - Hatched 2013    


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Full stock list, contact us for the best deals!

25 Jun 2020

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